Fair Trade

WFTO membership

IDT Handicrafts became a permanent member of the WFTO – World Fair Trade
Organization in November 2016.

All the products of IDT Handicrafts will be able to carry the WFTO seal that guarantees the fulfillment of the principles of the Fair Trade and will also allow access to a greater breadth of markets.


IDT understands fair trade as an alternative way to promote fair, solidary and voluntary commercial relations between producers and consumers.

The cycle of responsible trade starts with the elaboration of a product by an economically disadvantaged group within a transparent organization that rejects child and forced labor, ensures good wages and working conditions, is environmentally friendly and promotes gender equality. The cycle ends when the socially-committed consumer buys the product at a fair price. This allows the project’s sustainability and … The cycle begins again!
We believe in our values and are committed to the defense of this solidary model of production and consumption.

The seal of the WFTO guarantees that all the commercialized products accomplish the principles of the organization.


IDT Handicrafts project aims to combat discrimination against impoverished women with disabilities in Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) through a dignified employment. Together with many organizations from all over the world, IDT is working as an agent for change.



Women’s Day celebration in our Workshop 

In our workshop celebrating International women’s day with games, dances, and speeches, prizes for women enjoyed lots of joy and fun.

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